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Paris Calling is an allusion to “London Calling” by The Clash: a carefree attitude and unfettered culture of free creative expression by both individuals and the group as a whole.

At Paris Calling, we give voice to all of our talents—committed creative minds and modern artist-artisans—without worrying about hierarchy or egos.

We bring a wealth of strong and unique personalities together to work on each project. This approach allows us to develop particularly strong and inspiring suggestions.

Our goal…

To provide our clients with not one, but multiple visions, approaches and artistic directions to best reveal the value of their brand.

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our areas of expertise


By placing creativity at the heart of the brand, we open a vast field of exploration to reveal its potential. We draw upon the unique characteristics of each brand to develop powerful and lasting brand worlds. Solid foundations to inspire brand culture and anchor the brand in time.

• Brand platforms
• Storytelling
• Brand performance
• Competitor analysis and trend monitoring


We build unique brands. We work on their essence, on what makes them remarkable. We use our creativity to develop identities that reveal their souls and personalities and embody their values on all platforms and media.

• Naming
• Branding and logos
• Packaging graphic guidelines

Discover our manifesto


We firmly believe that retail is above all about showcasing brand territories and experiences. We develop creative storytelling, services and events to build engagement and continually surprise audiences.

• Sales architecture
• Window displays
• Merchandising and POS displays
• POS events


Design is where it all started for the agency. We create designs that convey emotion, build ties and boost business and brand recognition. We innovate to design smart and creative objects that embody brands’ ambitions.

• Bottle design
• Use and gesture innovations
• Engineering follow-up


Thanks to our knowledge in this field, we develop comprehensive and operational communications strategies. We place creativity at the heart of campaigns to create unique, coherent and complementary brand experiences.

• Promotional platform strategy
• Campaign’s key visuals & graphic intentions
• Platform development (print, video, posters, etc.)
• Media production


The digital revolution has profoundly changed consumer behaviors. It has also changed our professions. We think about each topic—brand, identity, product—through the lens of these new technologies to turn them into opportunities to boost brand image and create experiences.

• Digital strategy
• Brand content
• Creative direction
• Instagram and new platform management


Since we know just how important it is that we all strive to protect the environment, we support our brands in their corporate social responsibility efforts. We aim to make sustainable development a creativity driver, full of history, rather than a technical constraint.

• Sustainable development assessment
• Eco-design support
• Responsible and new material sourcing



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